4 common misconceptions about marijuana

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420 Ganjaway: 4 common misconceptions about marijuana

In the past few years, marijuana is becoming more socially acceptable in different parts of the world. Today, 33 states in the United States of America have completely legalized the use of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. 

With this, the stigma against marijuana that existed for decades is now slowly fading, allowing people to know about its great benefits. However, there are still common misconceptions that surround marijuana. 

As it becomes more available in the market, lies and misinformation are also becoming more rampant. These myths, although they seem harmless on the surface, can affect the lives of people if they are not debunked. 

To get you started, here are the most common misconceptions about marijuana that you should know:

Myth # 1: Marijuana is not addictive

Most people buy into the false belief that marijuana is not addictive at all. While it is true that it’s not as addictive as meth, cocaine or heroin, you can still become addicted to it to the point of dependency. 

Research has shown that nine per cent of marijuana users have developed a serious addiction that affects their daily lives. Moreover, marijuana meets the criteria for substance dependence established by the American Psychiatric Association, including tolerance and withdrawal symptoms.

Myth # 2: You can overdose on marijuana

It would be almost close to impossible to die from an overdose on marijuana. According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a deadly dose of marijuana is highly unlikely. There may have been deadly incidents in which marijuana use is involved, but the underlying medical condition is the main cause.

This isn’t to say that consuming a large dose of marijuana is acceptable! If you overindulge, it may cause panic, fast heart rate, extreme delusions and hallucinations, among other things. Moreover, regular marijuana users have been proven to develop long-term problems such as memory loss, lung cancer and poor academic performance.

Myth # 3: It is much safer than smoking

Although marijuana is most frequently smoked, many people believe that it will not affect your lungs, unlike cigarettes. However, this is not entirely true. Remember that inhaling smoke is bad for your lungs, whether it’s from weed, cigarette or campfire smoke.

The American Lung Association has proven that marijuana smoke contains the same carcinogens as cigarette smoke, leading to chronic bronchitis and other respiratory risks. 

So, if you smoke marijuana regularly, you’d experience the same breathing problems that a chain smoker does. You’ll find it hard to climb flights of stairs and cough uncontrollably when you’re involved in physical activities.

Myth # 4: You can beat a drug test

Some people get overconfident with marijuana that they believe beating a drug test is possible. Sure, they may be a few remedies that you can try, but none of them is guaranteed to work. 

You can drink plenty of water or herbal concoction and do high-intensity workouts to flush the THC out of their systems. However, keep in mind that it lasts for three to four days within your body, so beating a drug test may not turn out to be a success.

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